Old School PRIMUS are a special breed of people. They are not like everyone else.
They set goals and achieve them. They go through pain and smile.
They start counting when it starts hurting. They are Old School PRIMUS!

Become an Old School PRIMUS and get

All great warriors know how to achieve success and prevail in life.
That success always brought them great privileges in life (and popularity among the ladies)
We believe this tradition must be honoured!

That is why we created the PRIMUS program
This is how we honour the best warriors and offer them the benefits they deserve.

- FREE PRIMUS package with products worth 123,75 -£ -
- FREE delivery for all packages -
- 90% packages delivered within 24 hours -
- Monthly 1:1 coaching call with the Old School Team -
- Access to a closed PRIMUS Facebook Group -
- Specials offers and deals -
- Test new supps before the official launch -
- Gifts for all Old School PRIMUS -
- FREE, individually tailored training and nutrition program -

Old School Primus Protein

A special Protein that will never be available in the store to normal people. It will ALWAYS only be available to Old School PRIMUS gladiators.
5000 Grams of pure Whey: 50% Whey Concentrate und 50% Whey Isolate worth 89.95 -£.

Old School PRIMUS gladiators will receive this special 5kg protein FREE, when they join the PRIMUS program.

FREE SHIPPING for all orders

You will never have to pay for shipping again.

Old School PRIMUS exclusive equipment

Old School PRIMUS Shaker
Old School PRIMUS Stringer
Old School PRIMUS T-Shirt
Old School Protein Aroma

90% of packages delivered within 24 hours

Normally we pack all orders, which come in until 11:00 o'clock.
PRIMUS orders have priority and will be shipped on the same day, if the order is placed before 14:30.

Because 90% of all packages are delivered within 24 hours, you will not have to wait long for your package!

Monthly 1:1 coaching call with the Old School Team

Once a month you will have the opportunity to pose your individual questions directly to our Old School PRIMUS team.

During this conversation, we will talk about your goals and then work out the best strategy to conquer them.
We will work together on the issues and challenges that stand in the way of your success.

We usually charge for the 1:1 Personal Coaching but we offer it FREE OF CHARGE to our PRIMUS warriors.

Access to a closed PRIMUS Facebook Group

You get access to a closed facebook group:

  • where you can discuss common issues with your fellow PRIMUS warriors.
  • the Old School PRIMUS Trainer Team will answer all your questions.
  • regularly invite external experts.

In the PRIMUS community, all questions about training, nutrition and supplements will be clarified!

Only for Old School PRIMUS!

Specials offers and deals

There will be special offers available only to Old School PRIMUS.

They will be tailored to your fitness goals. You can choose the offer that best suits your current goals.

Test new supps before the official launch

Guess who will be the first to test a new product?
Before the official launch, new supps will initially only be available to PRIMUS members.

Gifts for all Old School PRIMUS

We will expand our range with new training equipment, such as hoodies, gallons, bandages and more.

As a PRIMUS, you will receive this absolutely FREE with your next order.

FREE, individually tailored training and nutrition program

Training and nutrition experts from our team put together a personalized PRIMUS training and nutrition plan tailored to your goals. Everyone else has to pay for this program, but PRIMUS warriors get it for FREE!

With this targeted training and nutrition program tailored to your body type and goals, your muscles will literally explode!


You can choose between two options: MONTHLY and ANNUAL.
The differences are explained in the table below.

Guest PRIMUS yearly
PRIMUS monthly
Free PRIMUS Starter product pack worth 123,75€
FREE DELIVERY for all packages
Personalized training and nutrition programme
Monthly 1:1 Coaching call
90% of the packages delivered within 48 hours
Access to a private facebook group
Special deals and discounts
Test new supps before the official launch
When new equipment comes in, you get one free
100% Money-back guarantee
Best-Price guarantee
Exclusive content (podcast, videos..)
Those who are about to die salute you
Gladiators, 100 B.C.
I want to become a PRIMUS now
Coming soon