My Experience with the 10 Week PRIMUS Program

Hi Reader.

You’ve probably already seen the video about my OLD SCHOOL PRIMUS transformation. Therefore i wanted to give you some personal insights about my 10 week Primus program. If you haven’t seen it, here it is: 

As summer was approaching and I wanted to get in real good shape, I decided to go for the SHREDDED.

A lot changed throughout the 10 weeks. But it wasn’t easy at all! Everybody who was following my Stories on Instagram, was literally flooded with the display of my absolute discipline. (I probably tend to spend a bit too much time on Social Media)

I ate the same meals day in and out, did my cardio and killed it at the gym.

The hardest part wasn’t the training or the cardio, as many would think - it was the diet.

I’ve no Problem with eating the same things day in and out, but it takes good coordination and planning to be prepared. If you want to have your clean meal at lunch, you’ll have to be willing to prep your meal the day before at 10 pm. 

About the workout plan:

Creating the Plans was pretty easy. After answering some Questions, the program wanted me to test my Strength.