The story behind Old School Protein is a simple one. We are just a couple of guys who love fitness. We have been in the game, eating right and training hard since over 15 years and we wouldn't want it any other way. What first attracted us to this sport was the rawness. The metal plates and bars, the sound of iron hitting iron, the weight of a barbell crushing you down. The feeling of a warrior.

What inspired us?

We probably watched Pumping Iron a thousand times. The new guys are amazing athletes and they deserve absolute respect. But for us, they will never compare to the athletic built and symmetry of the Old School Boys like Arnold, Frank Zane, Steve Reeves or Franco Columbu. They just won't.

We always wondered, what their secret was. They lifted weights and we lift weights. They had chicken and broccoli, we have chicken and broccoli. The only difference between then and now is in the supplements.

The "secret"

But this is where things got strange. Arnold and co. didn't have even the half of what is available on the market today and still were able to build these amazing physiques. How could that be? After years of watching interviews with the stars of the 70s and 80s, reading their material and meticulously dissecting their nutritional programs we have come to one single conclusion:

They ate HUGE amounts of protein. Plain and simple. No fancy ingredients that are supposed to be better or work faster such as we find advertised to us on every corner. Just protein. And lots of it!
I remember a statement from one Old School-er that put it best: »If you want to put the nail in the wall, don't get fancy with it. Just take a hammer and slam that sucker!«

We knew what we needed ... however?

No more B....SHIT pink supplements with a list of ingredients that takes 10 minutes to read and 1 hour of research to understand. Just pure protein. That is what works and that's what we wanted.

But the task of finding plain and simple protein without additives proved to be quite a challenge. Most brands had only flavoured protein powders. The few that actually had 100% natural whey, the price was very high, if you calculated the cost per kiogram.

And the problem with natural whey was also that it had no flavour. That is ok for a while, but soon you start yearning a delicious shake to treat yourself after an intense workout. Basically what we wanted was the biggest pack of pure natural whey protein we could find. It couldn't contain any other ingredients except whey and there had to be a way to flavour it ourselves without adding extra calories.

A problem that inspired the solution

That is when we decided to take matters into our own hands and create a product that we wanted. Pure natural whey! Huge amounts! No additives! A million flavour combinations!

We took what inspired us and named it Old School Protein.
We hope you get to feel some of that inspiration when using our product.

Old School Protein Team